Ladies’ Information Sheet on Playing Conditions and Rules for Competitions in 2017

This information sheet is intended to be a handy reference point for new members and act as a reminder for all existing members. 

Booking Times and Guest Rates 
Members can book 10 days ahead via online booking, by telephone to Reception 01250 872622 option 1, or by the computer screen located in the foyer. Members can book 14 days ahead for tee times for club ties via Reception. 
Members can play with a maximum number of 3 guests.

Rosemount tee times before (April – October)10.00 am, between 12 noon and 1.30pm and after 3.30pm Monday to Friday and before 12 noon on Sundays are primarily reserved for members and guests only.
Lansdowne tee times before (April – October) 09.30 am on Thursdays when Ladies medals are on Rosemount, before 12 noon on a Sunday are reserved for members and guests only.
Members can play off either white or yellow tees. 
Wee Course there are no members only times.
Saturdays – Visitor bookings will be accepted from midday on the non-medal course, and from 2.00pm on the medal course, subject to fixture commitments and expectation of member bookings.

Members’ Advanced Booking Scheme 
Members are now able to book tee times, outwith the normal 10-day period, in advance. Full details are available from reception. 
    Three bookings per year maximum
    Minimum of 2 guests
    Normal members guests rate apply
    Fee to be paid at time of reservation and is 
non- refundable 

Members Guests Information
Guest fees are payable at Reception prior to commencement of round. Should reception be closed then please pay at the bar.
    Members must play with their guests to get the benefit of a reduced rate.
 An individual may only play 10 times per season as a guest irrespective of which member introduces him/her.
    No guests are allowed to play with a member when the member is playing in a medal.
    Members are responsible for the actions of their guests at all times.
Booking In Prior to Play 
Before commencing play members must register, in good time, at Reception. Scorecards and receipts (if with guest) will be issued and should be retained to be shown to the Starter or Ranger on request. 
If for any reason you are unable to meet your time, please notify the Starter/Reception as soon as possible so your time can be re-allocated. 

Lansdowne Associate Members 
Members can play in all Medals and Club Competitions held on Lansdowne. They can also play in some Rosemount Competitions as marked in the Fixture List. The Winter League is open to Lansdowne Associates. Lansdowne Members are also entitled to six rounds per year on Rosemount and unlimited use of the Wee Course and can, on these occasions, take on guests at the standard guest rate. 

Wee Course Members 
Wee Course members are entitled to 6 free rounds on Lansdowne and on these 6 occasions, can take guests on at the standard guest rate of £15.00. 

All competitions are played in accordance with the Rules of Golf as laid down by the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews. Rule Books are available at reception. Local rules are displayed on the Club notice board and score cards. The Blairgowrie Golf Club has a local rule permitting the use of Satellite Navigation or similar measuring device during Club or Open competitions. Rules of etiquette must also be followed. Failure to follow the rules may result in disqualification or suspension under Rule 33-7. 

Players must not ride on any form of transportation in any competition during a stipulated round unless authorised by the committee on production of a medical certificate.

Club Competitions 
The main competition day for ladies is a Thursday from 9am-1pm.  Members can choose to enter
9-10.30, 10.30–12 or 12 –1pm and a draw will be made, each Tuesday, for each section as per
the rules set out for each competition. If members prefer to play between 8-9 am they can make
their own arrangements with the office. Entry to medals 
will be via online booking, by telephone to Reception or by the computer screen located in the foyer. All medal competitions can be entered up to 10 days in advance. You must only enter your own name for any medal. Your exact time will be posted on the Notice Board and the website 2 days before competition date. If a member is unable to visit the club or access the Internet leading up to a competition she must telephone Reception and they will inform her of her start time. 
A player, who has entered an SLGA Medal and subsequently finds she is unable to play at the time allotted, may play at another time. In that event, the player should contact Reception to be allocated another time, which will be at the end of the draw. She is still able to win the medal, but is not eligible to win the linked club competition, if there is one. 
The procedure for delayed starts is as follows: Where play is delayed due to inclement weather, the order of play when play resumes, will be as per the original draw. If play is delayed for more than one hour, then the medal/competition will be abandoned. This applies only to medals/competitions and not to ‘bounce games’. Once a medal/competition is abandoned then any golf played is a ‘bounce game’ and is not subject to this procedure. (If play becomes a ‘bounce game’ then players will, if possible, be allocated a new time by the starter, at some point during the rest of the day). 
The Pro-shop will issue the medal cards. A member is responsible for checking her handicap is correct. 
Members who have booked, and subsequently cannot make their tee time must advise Reception of their withdrawal or cancellation prior to the actual tee time. Members who fail to cancel, will on the first occasion, be contacted noting that the failure to show without notification has occurred. Subsequent occasions will result in sanctions being applied by the Committee, probably resulting in a three-competition ban, unless mitigating circumstances can be presented. 
In all Ladies’ club and SLGA competitions at Blairgowrie the ladies play off the red tees. 
Junior girls with a handicap of 36 or less may play in all SLGA Medals and Ladies competitions. 

Completion of Round 
All cards must be signed and dated by the player and her marker and then entered into the computer in the clubhouse. Failure to sign or deposit one’s card in the box will result in disqualification from the competition and possible suspension from future competitions.

In the event of a tie in a stroke play event, including the spring and autumn meetings, the winner will be decided by the better score on the inward nine. If the scores should still be equal, then the better last six, three and if necessary, the better last hole will be used in turn. (A scratch, fractional or nett assessment will be used as appropriate depending on the competition type). If still tied, a similar assessment of the front nine holes will be made. If this still cannot separate players, a comparison based on exact (rather than playing) handicap will be used. 

Club Championship 
Qualification for the Club and Bronze Championships will be based on the two best scratch scores, one from Rosemount and one from Lansdowne. The eight best non-qualifiers from the Club and Bronze Championships are eligible to play for Sophie’s Trophy on the basis of their two best nett scores, one from each course, in the qualifying rounds.

Rules for Match Play Ties 
Entry sheets for the various Club Match Play Competitions are displayed on the upstairs notice board prior to the start of the season. Match Play competitions are normally played over the Rosemount Course but may be played on Lansdowne Course if both competitors agree. They are only open to Full Members of the Club (not Lansdowne Associate members). 

Members’ contact telephone numbers are available online, under ‘Contacts’ on the Members’ section of the Club website:
All ties must be played by the due date. No individual date extensions will be given unless authorised by the Managing Secretary. 
The first name for each match is the challenger and she is responsible for arranging the tie. Every effort should be made to arrange a mutually acceptable date to play and this should be done as early as possible. If a problem occurs, please contact the Managing Secretary prior to the final date to be played. 
A minimum of three dates must be given for ties (not all in the same week) with at least one date at a weekend. Ties not completed by the closing date shall be automatically awarded to the non- challenger unless either player/team has previously contacted the Managing Secretary. 
A maximum handicap of 36 is required and strokes will be taken at the holes indicated by the stroke index. 
A match which ends all square will be played off hole by hole, until one side wins a hole, unless a fresh match is agreed prior to commencement, or daylight precludes a continuation of the match 
The play off will start at the 1st hole and strokes given or received as in the original round. 

Procedures for the Suspension of Play (Rule 6-8b)
The signal for suspension of play will be three short blasts on a klaxon. 
When play is suspended the following rulings apply:
    If players are in a group and between holes, they shall not resume play until the committee has ordered a resumption of play.
    If they are in the process of playing a hole, they may continue and complete the hole, provided they do so without delay.
    If they choose to continue, they must stop immediately after completing the hole and shall not resume play until the committee has ordered a resumption of play. 
    Should they decide not to continue the game it will be treated as a no-return.
    The signal for resumption of play will be 
one long blast on the klaxon.
    The Ladies’ committee has agreed that should a club competition be suspended or abandoned and subsequently less than 75% of the field is able to complete the round, then that competition result will be void. If greater than 75% of the field is able to complete the round, the club competition result will stand. In all qualifying rounds which are abandoned, handicap assessments will be on a reduction only basis as per CONGU.
    In an official SLGA medal, all players must have been able to complete their rounds. If suspension/abandonment prevents this, then the medal will be rearranged within 2 months of the original date if possible, regardless of the percentage of the field which completed the round.

Local Rules/ Temporary Local Rules
These are displayed on the card and on the upstairs Club notice board.

Handicap System
All players have an EXACT handicap and a PLAYING handicap. A player’s exact handicap is calculated in the way described below and usually produces a figure with a decimal point e.g. 11.3. This is rounded up or down to the nearest whole figure to produce her playing handicap. 0.5 is rounded upwards. Golfers’ playing handicaps are divided into 5 categories. 
A player who is a member of more than one club must nominate which club holds her handicap. Any change to her handicap is affected by the category she is in. 
Each category has a different ‘buffer zone’ which means, if a player returns a card (in a qualifying competition) which shows that her nett score (gross minus playing handicap) exceeds the competition scratch score (CSS) by the number of strokes in her buffer zone or less, then there will be no change to her handicap. 
If a player’s nett score exceeds the competition scratch score by more than the number of strokes in her buffer zone, her exact handicap will be increased by 0.1 in all cases, no matter how high her score was on that particular day. 
All cards are subject to stableford adjustment before nett differential is calculated. In effect, the worst score on a hole is limited to a nett double bogey. Anything higher is rounded down. The computer calculates changes to handicaps after the score is entered and the competition is closed.

Supplementary Scores
Supplementary Scores must be played on a player’s home course and are permitted from category 2 upwards. The Supplementary Score Book, which is located at reception, must be signed before play. 

Alternative Day 
The Committee has agreed to grant permission to all members who cannot play in the main Thursday competitions, to play on the Alternative Day.

The Alternative Day takes place on the Sunday prior to the Main Day, subject to course availability. A list, on a monthly basis, will be placed in the locker room and on the Ladies Blog, indicating alternative Day competition dates.

All medals and championship qualifying rounds will be included, together with as many of the competitions as is possible.

There will be two tee times allocated for both morning and afternoon play. The tee times will be labelled ‘Ladies Comp’ for online booking purposes. Any player wishing to play within these tee times must book online by 10am the previous Thursday, otherwise these tee times will be released. Players can otherwise play at a time, and with whom, they wish. All players competing in the Alternate Day must sign up at the Pro shop before playing.
The Alternative Day competition counts as a separate competition for handicap purposes. A CSS must be calculated for each day and handicaps adjusted accordingly. The results of the two days will be combined for allocation of prizes.

If either the Main Day or the Alternative Day competition is cancelled and cannot be rearranged the result on the day when the competition was played (i.e. Main Day or Alternative Day) shall stand.

Under no circumstances may any player play more than once in any one qualifying competition.

Lapsing of Handicaps 
All members with a handicap on the 1st of April will be required to complete a minimum of 3 qualifying competition cards during the season. Failure to do so will mean their handicap will lapse for the next season until 3 further cards are completed. This CONGU ruling is part of The SSS and Handicapping Scheme under Rule 16.2. 

    A four ball game is the maximum number that can be played on any course at any time throughout the year. The committee will take action on Members breaking this rule.
    Practicing on the course is strictly forbidden. The maximum number of balls per hole an individual can play during a non-competition round is 2.
    Members have no right to play through any organised Club Competition or Club friendly match.
    Mobile phones must be kept ‘on silent’ on the course and only used in health emergencies. In the clubhouse they must be kept ‘on silent’ and for data only.
    Rakes should be left in bunkers with the handle resting on the bunker edge and the head placed as near to the centre of the bunker as possible.
    All members and visitors are reminded that they should be properly dressed on the course and in the clubhouse. Shorts are not allowed in the dining room. 

All golf club staff and Committee Members have the authority to ensure the above rules are observed and failure to follow the guidelines may result in members and guests being suspended from playing at the Club. 
If you are at any time unsure, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff. 

Pace of Play 
Slow play continues to plague the game of golf and we would urge all members to help alleviate this by playing at a good pace. It is a group’s responsibility to keep up with the group in front and if these basic principles are adhered to, then this problem should be resolved. 

Other Competition Details

Stableford Competition 
This very popular type of competition awards points on a hole-by-hole basis according to a player’s nett score on each hole. It has the advantage of not penalising her heavily for the occasional bad hole. It is important for a player to pick up her ball on a hole if no points will be scored. The winner is the player with the highest number of points. 

Foursomes Competition 
This is a good competition for putting extra pressure on a player to perform well. It is a match in which two play against two and each side plays only one ball. After nominating who will strike the tee shot on odd holes and who on even holes, team members take alternate shots. Foursomes can be played either as Match Play or Stroke play. 

Greensomes Competition 
Similar to a foursome competition, all 4 players drive off and each team selects its best drive before resuming alternate shot-taking for the rest of each hole. 

Four Ball Better Ball Competitions 
In this case there are teams of two, with each player completing each hole with her own ball. The better nett score by each team is the one that counts. The game can be played on either a Match Play or a Medal basis. 

Role of Starter/Ranger 
In all competitions Reception/Starter on duty has the authority to make changes to starting times as may be necessary due to cancellations and sickness. 
If a member cancels her time after the draw is published, Reception/starter will be responsible for reallocating start times to allow maximum usage of every tee time. 
Reception will contact any member who may have been moved out of her chosen/drawn start time block so that groupings can be put together. 
The Starter is authorised to hold back the penultimate group until the last group has booked in at the starters box.
The Starter and Ranger will check that all players observe the following codes of practice: - 

            *  Slow play
            *  Failure to observe course etiquette
            *  Restrictions on play
            *  Dress Code

         If players fail to observe any of these codes a warning will be issued or, in extreme cases, they may be asked to leave the course. 
All complaints or observations should be made in writing to the Managing Secretary and not directly to individual members of staff. 

                  In conclusion we hope this information sheet gives you a good insight into the Club’s Competition Rules and that you have an enjoyable and successful season. If you are at any time unsure please do not hesitate to ask a member of the Ladies’ Committee or a member of staff. 

Ladies’ Committee, 2017